Monday 9 December 2019



Gita  Jayanthi is the birthday of Bhagavat Gita. It’s considered as  Shukla Ekadashi in the Tamil month of margazhi.
          Gita Jyanthi was celebrated on our school on 9th December . Correspondent Sri.S.K. Subramanian and our Principal presided  over the function. The programme started with prayer song, our students M.Aruna  (XII) and Mameetha (VIII) read the message in English and Tamil. Our Teacher Mrs. Lalitha Parameshwari chanted the slokas from 3rd chapter  of Karma Yogai & 12th chapter  of Bakthi yoga in  Bhagavath Gita Students followed the chanting.Bharatha Natyam on Krishna song was performed by students following  the chanting on 8th December Marathon was conducted by Tirunelveli district  run on because of the awareness of cancer. It was held at Eruvadi. In this marathon our students participated among them  four of our students won trophy with cash award in junior level.
          M.Subin Raj of class 10 won trophy with 5  thousand cash awards. His performance is  17.09 minutes.
          E. Sudharsana Murali  of class 9 won trophy with 3 thousand  cash awards. His performanceis  20.03 minutes.
          M.S. Shravan Kumar of  class 10 won trophy with 2 thousand cash award. His performance is 20.16 minutes.
          M.Nithyananth of class 10 won trophy with 1  thousand cas award. His performance is 20.20 minutes.
          Winners are appreciated and honoured by our correspondent Sri.S.K. Subramanian, our principal Mrs. Maheshwari, P.E.T Masters and teachers. Finally programme was concluded by Kendra Prayer.

Wednesday 27 November 2019


A spiritual trust named ‘God India’ was conducting special prayer meeting for the 10th, 11th & 12th students all over Tamilnadu. On account of this one of the trustee Mr. Muraliji came ones to our institution on 27/11/2019 Wednesday. They arranged at 11.30am and the students were seated in the prayer hall. Mr. Suresh, in charge of God India trust, Vallioor accompanied with him. 
The program started with prayer song and following that one of our teacher Mrs. Essakkiammal gave an introduction about Mr.Muraliji and welcomed him on behalf of our institution. Mr. Muraliji started his inspirational speech, he Quoted the points such as ‘Importance of Education in the competitive world”, “Respect the elders etc. He said that the mother is the first god, next to her father takes the second place and after that the teachers, who is considered as the ‘Second part’ and he Quoted that the God is next to those three, so he asked to give respect to those three first and he advised to wake up early in the morning and chant the mantra.

                     “Hare Rama Hare Rama
                     Rama Rama Hare Hare
                    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
                    Krishna Krishna Hare Hare”

This mantra would bring you a positive vibration among your mind which kindles you to learn better. At last he concluded by writing all the students to score high marks in the board examination. All together closed their eyes and did the silent play for a minute.
Mr. Muraliji provided the mantra stickers to be pasted in their houses along with the Kunguma Prasadham. Thus the students got an inspirational and motivated though from the delicates. They  winded up the session around 12.30pm. our correspondent and principal thanked the trust members for their motivational speech among the students.


Tuesday 19 November 2019


We celebrated the 118th birth anniversary of Man. Eknathji Ranade (Founder  of Rock memorial) and the 50th year celebration of Rock memorial.

A tremendous procession was conducted to commemorate the 118th birth anniversary of Man.Eknathji Ranade and the 50th year celebration of Rock memorial at Vallioor on 19th November 2019. The procession began by waving the flag by our honourable Chief guest Man. Hanumantha Raoji (Treasurer, Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari). Our special guest  Mr. Tirupathi (Sub Inspector of Police) our correspondent Shri.S.K. Subramanian and our Principal Mrs. Maheshwari presided the function. Our teacher Mr. Kannan delivered the welcome address.

   The procession started from vallioor Murugan Temple and ended at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya. Vivekananda’s  inspiring thoughts were highlighted in the procession. The band was nice and made the procession more esthetics.

We have arranged the art and science exhibition to improve the students knowledge, skill and creativity. Our honourable chief guest Man. Hanuji inaugurated the exhibition. Exhibition was divided in to three sections. They are Art, Science, Social , Maths and Spiritual room. The spiritual room was adorned with the rangoli of the Rock memorial and also about the Eknathji Ranade and the Rock memorial.    

The programme commenced with prayer song. The presidential address was delivered by our honourable chief guest Man. Hanumantha Raoji. He quoted about Swamiji’s thoughts and also about Eknathji Ranade and the importance and 50th year celebration of the Rock memorial. Various cultural programmes graced the function.

Due to children’s day celebration various competitions were conducted and the winners were motivated by giving prizes. Last two years the Redington foundation has been supporting our students by sponsoring  scholarship. On this fine occasion the parents received the scholarship.
                   The programme concluded by Kendra prayer. Our correspondent Shri. S.K. Subramanian arranged the function in a grand manner.