Thursday 21 September 2023

Vinayagar Chathurthi -2023


Presided by             : Shri. S.K.Subramanian  (Correspondent, VKV school, Vallioor)

Place                          : Yoga Hall  

Participants            :  1050

Date                           : 12.09.2023 to 20.09.2023



“Vinayagar Chathurthi, is also referred as Ganesh Chathurthi. It is dedicated to the lord Ganesha. He is the remover of obstacles, a god of wisdom, and new beginnings.”

 Like every year,  this year also our school celebrated this festival with utmost fervour.  All the students from classes LKG to XII,  our honourable correspondent Shri.S.K.Subramanian, our respected principal Shri.T.Muthukrishnan, teachers and our non teaching staffs were cordially taken to be a part of this function.

The function began on 12th September 2023, as our correspondent and our principal inaugurated  the function by illuminating the lamp.

The Vinayagar idol which was  made by clay ornamented beautifully with flowers and garlands. The function was celebrated for 9 days from 12.09.2023 to 20.09.2023. Nearly six days were perfectly divided to do the pooja by all the classes.

The classes  were asked to do the pooja according to the following dates, except 17,18 and 20th  September 2023.


Days                                                              Classes

12.09.2023                                                            LKG  & UKG

13.09.2023                                                            I & II

14.09.2023                                                            III, IV  & V

15.09.2023                                                            VI, VII  & VIII

16.09.2023                                                            IX  & X

17.09.2023   &   18.09.2023                           Our teachers

19.09.2023                                                            XI  & XII

20.09.2023                                                            Vinayagar Visarjan



There has been a wonderful dedication  in their prayer, during the day and particular classes offered different  varities of prasadham to lord Vinayagar. The festival was marked by the chanting of hymns and prayers by  our students and teachers.  After pooja  the various prasadham were distributed to all. 


Before taking    Vinayagar  for Visarjan  on 20 September 2023, the  prayer has been done by our teachers,  then  the Vinayagar was lifted from its place and carried in grand procession by our classes  X, XI & XII and immersed in the well of the  temple nearby our school.

The nine days of  celebration has been in an effective manner due to the great support of our correspondent and our principal.