Tuesday 21 November 2023



Chief Guest               :  C.Selvakumar (Manager, Indian Bank, Vallioor)

Presided by                 : Shri.S.K.Subramanianji (Correspondent,  VKV MHSS, Vallioor)

Place                          : New block (VKV MHSS, Vallioor)

No.of Participants     : 1100

Date   & Time           : 21/11/2023  10:30




                Our School has celebrated Eknathji birthday and Science exhibition in a grand manner on 21/11/2023.  It was organized by our honourable correspondent Shri.S.K.Subramanianji and our beloved principal Mr.T.Muthukrishnan.


            We have invited Mr.C.Selvakumar Indian Bank manager, Vallioor Branch as a Chief guest, of this Celebration. The program started with prayer song by our class VIII students.  Next welcome address was proposed by R.Sri Hashini  IX.


 Then, the conversation of Rock Memorial and Swamiji’s life history were given by V.Sri Madhu XI and B.Kajendri XI.    Following this, our chief guest gave  a speech by highlighting Swamiji’s life and Eknathji’s dedicational work, the value of learning the  lesson and other extra curricular activities.  He motivated the students by giving recent achievement of our nation and also he  boosted the children to achieve their goal by using various tips.



                 Next prizes were distributed to the students who has participated during the children’s day celebration by  our honourable correspondent Shri S.K.Subramanianji our beloved principal T.Muthukrishnan and our  Chief guest Mr.C.Selvakumar.


    We have arranged separate room for all the department  to display the project working and non working modals, charts etc., Students from LKG to XII brought many verities of creative works.  


 This exhibition is very useful for them.  They expressed their thought and views in different  manner. Each and every works showed their involvement. Chief guest and parents appreciated their works.


The celebration was successfully ended on behalf of God and Swamiji’s grace. The cooperation of our institution, students and parents gave the great support for the arrangement . Atlast it was ended by Kendra Prayer.