Thursday, 22 August 2019


We celebrated Krishna Jayanthi and Raksha Bandhan together in our school on 22.08.2019. We   started the program by Lighting the lamp Mrs.Gomathi, proprietor of MAG Gas Agency was the Chief guest of this program. She presided over the function, with her we have our correspondent  Shri.S.K.Subramanian and the Principal Mrs.Maheshwari accompanied with the chief guest on the dais,  following the lighting lamp, prayer song was sung by our school choir group. 
We had a beautiful dance from our students predicting the naughtiness of Lord Krishna and we had a conversation about the speciality of the day. One of our faculty Mrs.Suba Maharasi  gave an oratious speech about the Krishna Jayanthi and Raksha Bandhan in tamil. In addition to that another faculty  Mrs. Thangam recited a poem in Hindi. 
There were many  Little Krishnas and  Gopikas. A student disguised as Krishna and broke the pot which is called as “Uriyadi” and drank the butter milk. The Chief guest gave an auspicious speech about the function and  the pride of our institution and also she said some safety tips about usage of Gas in  our home. 
Some of the  parents spoke their opinion about our school. Prizes were distributed to the students by the Chief guest and at last we concluded the function with Kendra Prayer.