Wednesday, 22 February 2023




Presided by  :     Shri. S.K. Subramanian (Correspondent VKV School, Vallioor)

Chief guest   :      Mrs. Vanila Ph.D., Rtd Vice Principal (TDMNS College, T.Kallikulam)

Participants  :   150

 “A Mother is she who can take

                    the place of all others,

but whose place no one else can take ."




We celebrated Mother’s Day in a grand manner on 22nd February 2023 .  The function was inaugurated with lighting the lamp by our Chief guest Dr. Vanila.    Prayer song was presented by our teacher Mrs. Bavani.  The welcome address was presented by our teacher Mrs. Subbu Lakshmi.  Our correspondent Sri. S.K. Subramanian presided over the function.  Mrs. Muthu Lakshmi delivered the great speech on Mothers’day.  She explained the motherhood with a real incident. Next our Chief guest Dr. Vanila addressed the audience.  She spoke about the importance of Mothers.



Various competitions were conducted for Mothers and the winners were honoured  by giving prizes.  Vote of Thanks were proposed by our teacher Mrs.Muthu Mari.  Complimentary prize were given to all the Participated Mothers.  Finally, the celebration concluded by Kendra Prayer our correspondent Sri. S.K. Subramanian and our Principal Sri. T. MuthuKrishnan  arranged the function in a great manner.





Thursday, 26 January 2023



Presided by  :     Shri. S.K. Subramanian (Correspondent VKV School, Vallioor)

Chief guest   :      Mr. Ramnath Iyer

                                    (Advocate, District president Legal Wing in B.J.P  of Tirunelveli)

Participants  : 500



Republic day is the occasion by remembering each and every  sacrifice made, each and every life lost for the nation.  74th Republic day was celebrated in our school with great eclat. The programme began at 9.30 A.M.  Our Chief guest Mr. Ramnath Iyer unfurled the national flag amidst loud cheers.  Following this we saluted the ‘Nation  flag’ and    sang a flag song.


A warm welcome was given by our student.  Bharatham  and Patriotic dance were performed by our students at the beginning of the function.  These were followed by stirring Tamil and English speech where given by our student about republic day, and continuously our school students were performed martial art, Silambam and Karate amidst great applause.


 Our Chief guest Mr. Ramnath Iyer addressed the gathering.  He emphasized the importance of Republic Day, responsibility of the citizens, and also he stressed the students concentration by giving Arjuna’s story from Mahabaratha, and he concluded his speech with Swamiji’s thoughts.  His speech was impressed by all. Then our Principal Mr. T. Muthukrishnan gave the  eloquent speech about Republic day.


Next sports winners prizes were given by our Chief guest, Correspondent and our Principal.  Then the momento was given  by our correspondent to our Chief guest. Then vote of thanks was proposed by our student.

Finally the programme was concluded with Kendra Prayer and followed by National Anthem was sung by our students. Sweets were distributed. Our Correspondent  Shri. S.K. Subramanian and Our Principal Shri T.Muthukrishnan arranged the function in a grand  manner.