Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Universal Brotherhood Day and Onam Celebration

Universal Brotherhood can be said to be a feeling in which all humans are equal irrespective of the caste , creed, race, religion ,gender etc.World is a big one big family.

To spread the message of togetherness and bonding we celebrated universal Brotherhood Day and Onam celebration together in our school premised on 10.09.2019.Our correspondent Mr.Subramanian and our Principal Mrs.N.Maheswari presides over the function. The program started with the prayer song by our students. Our dear student Sree Vignaya delivered the welcome address.

A drama was enacted by our students on  the topic Swamiji’s life. Patriotic and Kendra dance was performed by our students.  The students disguised as Mahabali and Vamana.Our Twelfth standard girls performed a thiruvadarai dance followed by this vote of thanks was delivered. Atlast the program was concluded by Shanti Mantra.