Tuesday 24 January 2023

Sports Day Celebration 2023


Presided by                 : Shri.S.K. Subramanian (correspondent VKV Vallioor)

Chief Guest                 :  Mr.R. Balasubramanian              

         (Fire service officer, Fire & Safety rescue department,Vallioor)

Special guest               :  Mr.A.Suresh,

(Fire service officer, Fire & Safety rescue department,Vallioor)

 No.of Participants      :  900






We celebrated the 33rd sports day of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Mat.Hr.Sec.School, on 24.01.2023 in a grand manner.  On this occasion the program was inaugurated by our honourable chief guest Mr.R.Bala Subramanian Fire service officer by lighting the lamp.

The celebration was started with a prayer song sung by our students of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Vallioor. Next welcome dance was performed by our students then welcome address was delivered by our student. Following this annual sports report was read by our student.


The National flag was hoisted by the chief guest Mr.R.Balasubramanian, our correspondent Shri.S.K.Subramanian and our principal Mr.T.Muthu Krishnan lit the Olympic lamp. Then our correspondent hoisted the Olympic flag. Then the dove of peace were flown by the chief guest, correspondent and our principal.


 Then the sports events were conducted by the physical educational teachers with the support of our teachers.  Running, Long Jump, Shot put, Discus throw, Relay  etc were conducted.


The sports day arrangements was in a grand manner by the  great support of our correspondent shri.S.K.Subramanian our principal Mr.T.Muthukrishnan and our physical educational teachers Mr.Ambedkar and Mr.Palani.


The function was concluded with vote of thanks by our student. The program was  ended  with National Anthem.